Experience Room Schedule

12-12:30pm - EFT Tapping. What is it and How does it work? EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and is similar to acupressure or acupuncture. After a discussion about EFT and how it works, we will participate in a Tapping Circle that will enable us to use this technique in our daily lives.  Anne Marie Wiesman; www.healingconnectionnetwork.com

12:30 – 1pm - Angel Signs & Messages - A brief overview on how to see the signs from Angelic team that supports and guides you during this lifetime. Your Angels are communicating with you, are you paying attention? Wendy Perrell; www.wppec.com

1-1:30pm- The 5 minute face lift: A daily Ayurvedic skin technique with a twist! - Melody Rogers; www.facebook.com/seedsoflifecollective

1:30-2pm - Goodness Goddess - Let's De-stress - Take a mini staycation. Holistic Health Counselor Caryn O'Hara holds space for you to experience three relaxation techniques so you can sit in your infinite wisdom and reconnect to your natural ability to live vibrantly  - Caryn O'Hara; www.carynohara.com

2:30-3pm - OM Chanting -  A powerful group healing technique introduced by Sri Swami Vishwananda for the modern age.  By chanting OM within a specifically arranged group of people, the power of OM is enhanced and amplified.  Entering into the OM Chanting circle helps to release emotions, thoughts, and negative energy. Participants experience positive shifts in emotional, mental, and physical well-being thereby bringing about peace, joy and Love in one’s life. -  Sherry Kachanis; www.sherrykachanis.com

3-3:30pm - Acupuncture - History and technique of how Acupuncture works - Tarah Herrington; tarahsue@gmail.com

3:30-4pm - Embodying the Sacred Feminine - A workshop exploration into this most powerful archetype of Awakening and Self-Empowerment! Learn the Eight Pillars of the Mystic Priestess Path and receive a Mini Sound Healing! Marcela McBride; www.marcelamcbride.com

4 – 4:30pm - Crystal basics – Crystals are more than just pretty and shiny.  They have many ways they affect us.  Learn the basics and get your sparkle on! - Carmen Young; www.sparklingbeauties.com
4:30- 5pm - Inner source of Vitality - Vitality is a power within you, but like any other energy, it must be sourced and properly gathered before it is released, providing optimum performance. Find your vitality glow from your inner spring and own it! - Dr. Cary DeSchmidt; www.facebook.com/VitalityChiroSpa 

Soul Studio Meditation Room

12-12:30pm - Silent Meditation – Kelly George

12:30-1pm - Guided Meditation – Elli Richter

1-1:30pm - Breathing Techniques - Franklyn Smith

1:30-2pm - Visual Imagery - guided meditation - Franklyn Smith

2-2:30pm - Personal Power - Guided Meditation - Hillary Evans

2:30-3:30pm - Grief Workshop – This is your chance to connect with other women for an unforgettable healing experience.  Health counselor, Caryn O'Hara and Holistic Life Coach, Elli Richter, create a nourishing uplifting environment and offer an enlightened perspective on grief.  This demo is a snapshot of their collaborative Grief program, designed to help you navigate with courage, grace, and empowerment through loss, heartache, and change.

3:30 – 4pm - Caitlin Coleman - Yoga Nidra

4-4:30pm - Kelly George - Silent Meditation
4:30-5pm - Caitlin Coleman - Yoga Nidra

The Red Tent

12-12:30  - Talk- Accepting and supporting the LBTI Women in your life –
Xiomara; www.xiomaraasosa.com

12:30-1:00 - Talk -  Embracing Sensuality & Intimacy for the LBTI –
Xiomara; www.xiomaraasosa.com

2:00-2:45 – Documentary Film - Her Story

3-4pm pm - This is Your Body - Purple Barbie;  purple.barbie@yahoo.com 

4-5pm - Talk - The Monkey, Bird & Elephant Sacred Touch - Melody Rogers; www.facebook.com/seedoflifecollective